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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Masonic Light is Getting Brighter in Mobile

After a slow start our Triangle is picking up steam and starting to get noticed by even some of the hardcore mainstream and Prince Hall Masons in Mobile.

Brothers are beginning to ask questions as to what this is all about. Many have never heard of any type of Freemasonry outside of the Grand Lodge of Alabama and are curious as to what this means to their involvement in their local mainstream and Prince Hall lodges.

We want to address some of the more common questions we have received in an effort to help you understand what becoming a member of Regulus Lodge and the Grand Orient of the USA means.

1. Can you explain what the Grand Orient USA is?

Yes, the Grand Orient USA, commonly referred to as GOUSA, is very similar to the Grand Lodge you are used to in theory but has differences. GOUSA operates in amity with many Masonic obediences around the world and in the US.

2. Why do you call your lodge a Triangle?

A "Triangle" is simply a lodge that is forming. It takes 7 Masons (all do not have to be Masters) to form a "lodge". The primary reason for this is the conferring of degrees and since Regulus is new it is still in the process of obtaining the required 7 Masons. We are very close to obtaining the required members as of this post to making that a reality though.

3. Is Regulus Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Alabama?

No, this highlights one of the primary differences between GOUSA lodges and mainstream AF&AM lodges like the Grand Lodge of Alabama. The Grand Lodge of Alabama is what is considered an Anglo-American Masonic Lodge and as such is a "closed" system, which means they only recognize themselves as "regular". Grand Orient lodges are members of the "open" Masonic system used by almost every other Masonic obedience around the world. This means they recognize many obediences including co-masonic lodges, Prince Hall, etc.

4. What are the requirements for petitioning Regulus?

This is where you will see the second biggest difference between the two systems. Petitioning a Grand Orient lodge is not for the faint of heart, they guard the West Gate very carefully. Here is a short list of common petitioning requirements:
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Have read the preparatory reading materials
  • Have submitted a letter stating why you seek admission into the order
  • Have submitted a Petition for acceptance
  • Have interviewed with three brothers of the order
  • Have submitted an essay discussing the importance of brotherhood and virtue
  • Must be able to commit to regular participation in the order
If this short list does not scare you then by all means send an email to reguluslodge [at] gmail.com

5. Do I have to demit from the Grand Lodge of Alabama first?

No, remember the Grand Orient system is an "open" system which recognizes all Masonic obediences as regular.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Regulus.


sec昴宿六 2 said...

Greetings from Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

Do you have Treaties signed with other jurisdictions?stusineg

Regulus Lodge (Grand Orient USA) said...

Do you have Treaties signed with other jurisdictions?

Yes, the GOUSA has many treaties signed with Masonic organizations all over the world.

However, if you are referring to Anglo Masonic Grand Lodges in the USA then the answer is NO. Although, many of the "mainstream" Masons attend our meetings but mostly in secret because they fear repercussions from their Grand Lodges.

Regulus Lodge (Traingle) is located in Mobile, Alabama and a member of the Grand Orient USA. For more information on how you can become a member email: reguluslodge [at] gmail.com.